The “Imagining NDG” multimedia community art project is an interactive website which explores the past, present and possible future of the Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighborhood of Montréal through a rich combination of archival material, contemporary photography, interviews with residents and short documentaries created over the last four years. The project was designed to explore community history, quality of life, and cultural change in the district of NDG at a time when great transitions are taking place in the neighborhood.

The project was directed by Tim Schwab, a professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University, and a documentary filmmaker, and was supported by funding from Fonds de recherché sur la société et la culture Québec. It was created in collaboration with a wide variety of graduate students, local artists and community residents. The launch will be an opportunity for the public to consider many aspects of life in NDG and to celebrate the neighborhood, and will feature short films and photography from the project, access to the website and performances by local artists.

direction / production / design

Project director Tim Schwab | Art direction and design Katja Philipp | Sound design and Flash programming Samuel Thulin | Video editing and Post Production organization Emily Pelstring | Documentary production Paul Aflalo + Emmanuel Hessler | Text Tim Schwab

in the field

Still photography Shauna Janssen + Katja Philipp + Tim Schwab | Interviews and field video Tim Schwab + Emily Pelstring + Paul Aflalo + Emmanuel Hessler + Shauna Janssen + Martha Stiegman + Ian Lawrence | Film research/curation John McKay | Research Neil Barratt + Nyambura Waruingi + Svetla Turnin + Shauna Janssen + Martha Stiegman + Kristen O’Hare | Archival materials Archives nationale du Québec + McCord Museum + Loyola Archives | Interview subjects Frances Ackerman + Warren Allmand + Sam Bosky + Mike Kay + Nejdet Kendir + Neale McDevitt + Jodi Michaels + Vicky Pearson + Jill Prescesky + Marlo Ritchie | Translation Bis film | Sound and music Samuel Thulin

For contributions and more information, contact: Tim Schwab | contact [at] imaginingndg [dot] org

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