imagine your ‘hood!

This blog, iNDG collective was created to present images and voices from the NDG neighborhood, and to explore the nature of urban change from a variety of perspectives. The site should be seen as the beginning of a conversation about the neighborhood, about how the residents imagine the future, what they hope for and what concerns them, and how we live and work together in this part of the city.

To make that conversation happen, we invite the public to submit comments, personal testimonials, creative writing, photography, films, songs and other contributions about the “Imagining NDG” website and the NDG neighborhood to this space. Selections from these submissions will be added to the site over time, and will be the focus of a second public launch of the site in the fall of 2011.

So send us your contributions to the process of “Imagining NDG” at contact [at] imaginingndg [dot] org.

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2 Responses to imagine your ‘hood!

  1. J says:

    There are some very nice shots presented here (particularly of Cinema V, the houses on Girouard, etc.). I must say, however, I found that overall this gives a rather negative tone to NDG and ignores much of its best qualities. Yes, historically NDG was, for the most part, a working class neighbourhood, however the fact NDG is now a highly sought after district should be celebrated. Its not that all the working class have been kicked out and are being replaced, but rather that the working class of the past have worked, taken good care of their homes, raised responsible families and transformed NDG into what it is today. NDG has become successful and competative because of hard work and sacrifice on the part of its residents (largely immigrants: Italian, Irish, Jewish, etc. of the 40s and 50s), which set the foundation for its current development. This it the story of NDG! The history is still here, the culture is thriving. The focus of this site seems to be doom and gloom and frankly isn’t the NDG that most of us long time residence experience. The commentary about Walkley, for example, suggests there is a lack of resources, however Montclair to the West and Prince of Whales to the East both seem to do very well with the ample parks, easy access to pubic transit and plethora of shops, restaurants, bakeries, etc. nearby.

  2. Kris says:

    Beau projet, bravo.
    Pour avoir fait l’erreur en répondant à un chauffeur d’autobus au métro Vendôme, j’aimerais signaler que l’hôpital en construction “construction of a massive ‘super hospital’ campus” est le CUSM et non le CHUM,
    “la nouvelle construction de l’hôpital CHUM” 2/3 Origines

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